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Book with confidence - We are COVID prepared

Safety & Service Policy

...we fully understand that we are now living in a different world...

The Old Church of Urquhart is since 1998 a most unique, individual B&B with now just 3 SUITES on offer.

Guests can be assured that every precaution is taking place to ensure them a safe stay. a result of the extra measures we have put in place, guests can simply relax and enjoy their time with us.


➤Check In – all guests will be communicated with prior to their arrival;

    • - to confirm their arrival times within a 30 minutes time slot from 5 pm.

      - to get reminded about the Check In Procedure with one person at the time for an introduction,

      from hand sanitizing to room ventilation, breakfast prepared and personal cleaning supply.

➤On Arrival - Rooms are locked for only your use and your disinfected keys will be ready for you.

  • Check in times usually between 5 pm and 7 pm will be staggered,

    to ensure guests do not arrive at the same time.

  • One guest of a party is getting checked in and introduced to accommodation and services.

    Please be assured we will be careful to maintain the required Government guidelines around social distancing at all times...and we will wear visors to protect you and us!

➤Hand Hygiene

  • An Automatic Hand Sanitiser awaits you at entering into the church for regular use any time passing, in and out.

  • HandSoap is provided in your room for additional hygiene.

➤Social Distancing

  • Guests are required to observe the current Government guidelines around social distancing at all times during their stay.


  • A continental style breakfast is prepared for you in your room.

  • All items are either purchased packed or has been packed by us only for you; please take all with you if you like as we have to bin remainders.


  • Guests who have been diagnosed, or have shown symptoms of Covid-19 in the past 14 days, will be kindly asked to reschedule their stay.

  • Guests who are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 have to follow government guidelines to 'Test and Protect' and will be asked to leave if at all possible as to go into their own household isolation; if guests are unable to return home and therefore have to extend their stay with us, all services requested have to agree upon and paid in advance including a professional cleaning/vacancy of up to 3 days afterwards for an estimated charge of £ 120 .

  • Guests who bring their own face masks are helping to keep themselves, us and other guests safe- unfortunately, we are unable to provide face masks for guests.


➤Enhanced Cleaning Routine

  • An intensified deep clean and disinfection of bedrooms and bathrooms will be carried out after each guest has checked out, paying particular attention to high touch items.

  • UVC & Ozone sterilization takes place with every change over to add to the safety of our guests and us; this over and above government guidelines.

  • All linens, towels and protectors will be removed and laundered between guest stays.

  • All in-room facilities will be deep cleaned between guest stays.

  • Most unnecessary sources of contamination have been removed from all bedrooms, the vestibule and the guest lounge like leaflets and magazines, etc. Decorative bed items like bed runners, bed spreads as well as further cushions, blankets has been removed from the bedrooms but are available freshly, hygienically cleaned on request.  The main information folder -one of many- is getting swapped between guest stays in order each guests have their own safe one; please leave it to get prepared for other guests.

  • Public areas and touch points in the vestibule and guest lounge will be cleaned more frequently and disinfected every day in the morning.Special attention will get paid to door handles, hand rails, etc.


➤Limited Room Service during your stay

  only available for vacated rooms between 10am to 1pm which includes

    • refreshing breakfast supply,

    • taking away by guests prepared, tied bin bags

    • quick clean of bathroom


➤Check Out

  • Guests will be asked to leave their keys in the room when checking out rather than handing them back to us personally.

  • To provide a safe, contactless check-out for guests, all balances are paid before arrival taken from the card provided when initially booked.


 We look forward to welcoming you at The Old Church of Urquhart … COVID prepared, to ensure the safety of both our guests and ourselves.

... if you have any particular concerns you would like to discuss further or whilst staying if you require any assistance we offer as well with safety measures in place!

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